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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the cost of repair?

The cost of the Repair will be determined based on the size, type of damage and other factors. However, we can provide you an stimulation on your initial contact We want to assure you that our price is very competitive and our workmanship is excellent and flawless.

2) How long dose it take to fix my rugs?

Again depend on the actual job, it usually it takes between 1 to 3 weeks for a regular repair after we receive your rug. We will inform you when your rug will be ready and explain and walk you through the process of repair.

3) How good is your restoration process?

Our Master weavers are expert in the field. We have a team of expects with over 50 years of solid experience on repair and restoration and re-coloration of Persian and Oriental rugs, tapestries and other textiles. All of our repairs come with 12 months guarantee.

4) Do you fix the color bleeding in my rugs?

Yes! We can remove the color and spot bleeding out of your rugs and carpets.

5) Do you wash my rugs?

Yes! We are expert in Repairing and washing rugs. Just contact us and we do the rest.

6) What are the main damage happen to the rugs and carpets?

Most common problems are:

  1. Water Damage (Flood, water damage from plants and pots)
  2. Dog and Cat chew and scratch
  3. Moth Damage
  4. Spilling Wine, Chocolate and other liquids
  5. Color Bleeding due to the improper wash
The list is long and it will be many other things that could go wrong with your beautiful and valuable rugs. Do not panic; Just contact us we can fix almost all of these damages.

7) Do you fix tapestries too?

Yes! Our experts are able to fix your tapestries.

8) Can you use Scotchgard Carpet Protector for oriental rugs?

Scotchgard™ do not recommend using of Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector on Oriental rugs. They have found the some manufacturers products and the occasional use of food dyes can produce unusual and unpredictable results on Oriental rugs.

9) I do have a very large rug, would you send your team to my house?

We have free pickup and delivery for repairs in Toronto and we can visit you for estimates and appraisal. If you live outside of Toronto, We can however, provide you with suggestions and answers to your question over the phone. Just tell us what is the the damage, ie. stains, odors, fringe job etc. and give us a call.

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