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Welcome to world of repair rugs

We Repair Rugs * We Clean Rugs

At the World of Repair Rugs, we are specialized in Rug Repairs and cleaning. We consider rugs as pieces of Art and consequently treating them as such.

Everything in our business is about customization and therefore, we are very flexible to customize our services to much your exact need, nothing more, nothing less. Our services include:

Repairing rugs (Persian, Oriental, Silk, wool, antique, ...) whether they are damaged by water or chewed by your pet, their fringe is damaged or they are simply worn out and need restoration; We hand wash rugs, we remove stains, colors, and dirt from rugs and Tapestry.

We are just a phone call away. Call 416-488-6526 or e-mail us for an estimate. After all, it is free, we are where you are, and we promise your full satisfaction.

World of Rug Repairs Located in Toronto, serves Greater Toronto Area and Surrounding cities, Ottawa and Montreal.

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